Wine, Eco and Art Tours of Marlborough and Nelson, New Zealand
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Based in Nelson, Wine, Art & Wilderness is an Owner/Host Business Class visitor activity provider operated by Noel Kennedy. Wine Art & Wilderness provides luxury and private wine, eco and art tours in the Marlborough and Nelson regions of New Zealand

Fully catered wine, eco and art tours are leisurely, informal and designed  to cater for all levels of fitness. They are essentially a soft adventure - enticing, always rewarding  and taken at a relaxed pace. Transported between sites in the luxurious comfort of a Mercedes, we follow less traveled routes, that provide a spontaneous insight into curious local attractions, historical and contemporary New Zealand life.

With vast experience in nature conservation and the wine industry, Noel focuses on interpretation and interactive guided experiences, opening doors to introduce the wine & art personalities of Nelson and Marlborough, ensuring visitor expectations are always exceeded.


Noel Kennedy

Tour Guides

All Wine, Art & Wilderness guides have come strongly recommended for their professionalism, insider knowledge and expertise and all have long experience in the New Zealand tourism industry.


I have always lived in the Nelson area with extensive work and recreational experience in the Abel Tasman National Park as a tourist boat skipper and guide as well as Nelson Lakes National Park where I was a staff member.

I have always had a keen interest in the outdoors with the three local national parks being our playground. My recreational interests include boating, fishing, hunting, scuba diving, horse riding, snow skiing and hiking to mention a few.


With experience in Travel and Hospitality I have recently moved back to New Zealand with my young family after spending the last year living and traveling abroad. I've always had a passion to see the world and meet different cultures so it was great to teach our children to be global citizens.

I'm a born and bred South Islander and love the Nelson and Tasman region for its National Parks, beaches, wine and locally grown culinary delights.


With Wine, Art & Wilderness, you will travel in style. The tour vehicles are a Mercedes-Benz Viano or Mercedes Sprinter; vehicles that will guarantee comfort and safety and one of the first vehicles to exceed the Euro 4 & 5 Environmental standards respectively. A new Chrysler Voyager has also recently been added.

The Viano can take up to six passengers the Sprinter 11, which guarantees a tour with a personal edge. The car exudes quality: every surface is finished with premium materials. The self-adjustable seats are extremely comfortable and you are guaranteed plenty of legroom, while air conditioning ensures that you will feel fresh, even on the hottest day.

Mercedes Viano

Mercedes Sprinter

Chrysler Voyager


Nelson has the largest fishing port in New Zealand and as such, is renowned for its seafood.

Shellfish such as scallops and mussels are caught in Tasman Bay and fresh fish caught further afield comes in daily off the boats. Nelson’s climate makes it an ideal location for vineyards, orchards and olive plantations. This creates an abundance of good, fresh food, as well as a thriving local industry in gourmet products, taking advantage of the produce grown in this fruit bowl of New Zealand.

The region is now known for its olive oil, wines, chocolate, fruit liqueurs, chutneys and preserves, as well as fresh berries, citrus and pip fruit, while in season.

Fully Catered Tours With Private Tastings

Food and drinks will be provided throughout the day on all tours, sampling the best of the Nelson / Marlborough region and season. Private tastings. Special dietary requirements can be catered for.

Small Group Sizes

Each tour is restricted to just six people or one group.

Because each tour group is small, I can give you a lasting experience that is unique to you. We will be able to access more remote parts of the Nelson region, so you can escape from the crowds and as there will only be a few of us, you will gain an understanding of the remoteness and wild beauty of the places we visit.


Your safety on a Wine Art and Wilderness day trip is fully assured – everything about your day has been designed to guarantee you peace of mind.

Our tour vehicles are Mercedes-Benz, which I bought as the safest cars of their class on the road. They are equipped with an extensive range of safety features, the most reassuring of which is its safety body and high-strength passenger cell.

Once out of the vehicle, you can still be assured of your safety. I am fully qualified in Outdoor First Aid and have undertaken courses in Avalanche Awareness. I am fully licensed to carry passengers and to operate within New Zealand's National Parks.


Mission Statement:- Wine Art and Wilderness seeks to educate, engage & inspire visitors on journeys of exploration with authentic interpretation in our unique natural environment.

Wine Art and Wilderness takes a holistic approach to sustainability.
- IN THE HOME- recycling, composting and reusing.
- Chemical free biodynamic gardening
- Conversion to energy efficient bulbs
- Insulation, water & energy conservation, natural gas cooking
- Active owners of forest carbon credits.

- Home office, buy local
- Active involvement in the establishment of the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary
- Support the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust, Friends of Flora and the Janzoon Trust
- Established off season income

- Adhere to a regular maintenance schedule for the Mercedes Viano and Sprinter which exceed the Euro 4 & 5 standards respectively (safest, most fuel efficient vehicles with the highest environmental standards)
- Small groups only on irregular visits to different areas
- Include an educational & interpretation component on each journey
- Visit and support only businesses & communities that actively support sustainability
- Contributions to the purchase & re-establishment of native forest with ecological principles.


Environmental Policy:

Wine Art and Wilderness continually seeks new opportunities to improve our environment and always exceeds any guidelines or legal requirements.

Minimise Carbon Footprint - offset with tree planting & education
Buy Locally - grow own vegetables
Protect Plants and Animals - New Zealand's forests and birds are unique and often rare and at all times will be treated with care and respect
Waste Minimisation - rubbish collected, returned, reused and recycled, compost organic waste
Comfort Stops - only provided facilities are used, at regular intervals
Water Protection - travel with all water requirements & use biodegradable detergents
Visit Carefully - leave no trace of visit
Keep To Tracks - if they exist to lessen the chance of damaging fragile plants
Consideration - will be given to all users of our back country
Respect Our Cultural Heritage - all places of historical, cultural or spiritual significance will be treated with consideration and respect
Responsibility - to educate and assist our community to protect the environment for the enjoyment of those that follow